About Us

At BlueIcon, we’re more than an IT company; we’re your tech partners. Focusing on cutting-edge solutions, we elevate businesses through innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer support.

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Unleashing Innovation and Efficiency for Client Success

At Blueicon, our unwavering passion lies in empowering clients to build data-driven, agile, and innovative businesses. By optimizing current operations and investing in innovation, we help clients unlock new potential across their organizations. With a team of creative industry experts, we stay attuned to industry changes, enabling us to collaborate on innovative ideas and execute them precisely and efficiently. Our commitment to assembling the best business and technical teams ensures your goals become reality. Specializing in end-to-end consulting and solutions across Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Banking, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Retail, we enhance productivity and guide businesses to the next level by transforming legacy models. Let’s achieve unparalleled success and drive your business towards a prosperous future together.

Who We Are?

At our core, we are trailblazers of digital transformation. As an agile IT company, innovation runs in our veins, fueling our drive to make a lasting impact. With expertise in software development, cybersecurity, cloud services, and IT consulting, we empower businesses to conquer new frontiers of success.

Our core values

Integrity Properties
Privacy and Safety
Quality Services
Challenging Staff
Innovation Solutions

Our Team

Our team of professionals includes HR consultants, executive coaches, business professionals, and more.

Sree Mothukuri

Chief Executive Officer

Janel McClurg

Chief Marketing Officer

Kyle Crist

Director of Sales

Bharath Ram

VP of Operations

Arun Kongathi

VP of Marketing

Shweta Bhandari

Social Media Manager

Madhu Rao

VP of Technology

Our Approach

At Blueicon, we deliver client-centric IT solutions focusing on innovation and sustainability. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, embracing agile methodologies to ensure seamless project execution. Committed to ethical practices, we prioritize data security and privacy. Through holistic, long-term partnerships, we empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape, driving growth and positive societal impact.